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Hazleton Pumps can provide spare parts and services to all Hazleton Pumps products and systems. This includes pumps originally manufactured in North America & Canada.

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  • Cyclone Solids Separation Pumping…

    The Cyclone Solid Separation Pump System is ideal to use in applications where fluids with solids need to be separated from the liquid. Different materials are used depending on whether the fluids that need to be pumped contained hardened solids or abrasive liquids.

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  • High Head Slurry Series…

    For very deep pump application, the High Head Slurry Series Pumping System is a viable solution able to pump heads of 250m per stage, through multiple stages. The pump system can be created according to the application depth and thus can go as deep as required.

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Hippo Slurry Pump Range

Your ally in pumping corrosive and acidic slurries.

The award-winning Hippo Slurry Pump Range is the perfect workhorse to deal with the continuous and harsh demands of the mining and mineral processing industries. Custom built, the Hippo Slurry Pump Range provides pumping solutions that are robust, rugged, reliable and flexible. The pumps capacities are extremely diverse and can assist in applications ranging from high-volume dewatering applications to settled out acidic and corrosive slurries. The Hippo Slurry Pump Range can be built to explosion-proof standard IEC 60097-1:2005 and is available in various formats and applications.

The Hippo Pump Range line-up

Our competitive advantage

What set Hazleton Pumps and the Hippo Slurry Pump Range above the rest

Customize Technology

Hazleton Pump systems are custom build with custom designed with pumps from The Hippo Slurry Pump Range, for each of our clients' specific needs.

Adaptative Materials

The materials can be adjusted according to the type of the applications from standard alloys to flameproof stainless steel.

Variable Capabilities

Motors can be selected depending on the voltage and pole speeds.

Made in South Africa, relied on worldwide

A world map with where Hazleton Pumps have pumps in operation

The Hippo Slurry Pump Range was designed and developed to meet the harsh and continuous conditions set by the mining and mineral processing industries found in Souther Africa. Creating a slurry pump range that is capable of running dry and operate in a wide variety of temperatures the Hippo Pump Range is the ideal solution for dealing with high volume dewatering situation to harsh and abrasive applications; with a custom build solution for each application. Our pumps and pump systems have proven to be equally effective in other parts of the world including Canada, South America, Australia, Middle-East and Russia.

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