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Hazleton Pumps (SA) - a brief history

Hazleton Pumps is a family owned and operated engineering firm. The South African franchise was founded in 1979 by Thys Wehmeyer and through his engineering expertise created a pumping range that was capable of dealing with the harsh, acidic solutions found in the South African Mining and Mineral Processing Industries. He named the pumped ranged after the majestic and rugged mammal feared and respected in the Southern African waters, the Hippo. The durable and though pumping range propelled the company through the next three and half decades, winning awards and accolades for it is performance, innovation, capabilities, design and corporate governance.

Customer Support

With customer support front and center, Hazleton Pumps are committed to building long-term sustainable relationship with our customers. Our pumping solutions are designed, developed and manufactured in collaboration with our customers to meet their individual requirements.

Forward Thinking

Staying abreast of new technologies and innovations in the industry and apply these to our pumping solutions for optimal functionality and durability. Hazleton Pumps does not just sell pumps; we specialises in selling complete pumping solutions, selecting the correct pump for the desired application.

Problem Solvers

Our pump range needs to be rugged and durable even in harsh and corrosive environments. We solve our clients’ problems with breakthrough concepts such as our Twin Volute design, smart use of corrosion resistant materials, flame proof pumps as well as the high and medium voltage slurry submersible pumps


 Southern African Bureau of Standards


 Southern African Pump Systems Development Association


 Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA)