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Custom build slurry pumps

We design, develop & manufacture heavy duty slurry pumps and froth pumps

  • Our pumps are designed to meet the harsh and continuous demands of mining and mineral processing industries
  • Pumping solutions that are robust, rugged, reliable but flexible as well
  • Through our broad range of pumps sizes, we are able to supply our clients with a customized solution to meet their needs
  • Hazleton Pumps products can be built to explosion-proof standard IEC 60097-1:2005
Image of a Hippo Submersible Slurry Pump (yellow) and a Hippo Vertical Slurry Pump (blue

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Custom Technology - Incomparable Quality

Hazleton Pumps has designed their pumps specifically to meet the harsh and ongoing demands of mining and mineral processing industries. We’re extremely proud that our heavy duty products are currently at work in some of the most demanding mining applications in Africa and the rest of world.

Our pumping solutions are not only robust, rugged, reliable, and long-lasting but flexible as well. With our broad range of pumps sizes, we will be able to supply you with a solution for your pumping application. We’ve cultivated particular expertise in designing and manufacturing heavy duty slurry pumps for some of the industries listed in the section Our Experience. We never compromise on quality and reliability. We believe in selling a client specific solution and not just a pump.

thumbnail of an a for the Hippo Slurry Pump Range getting to the bottom, faster!

Our Experience

  • Mining – All sectors of Mining, Mineral extraction & Mineral Processing: Coal, Platinum, Gold, Iron Ore, Diamonds, Uranium & Industrial Minerals Mines
  • Pulp, Paper & Sugar Aggressive and Abrasive solids.
  • Chemical & Processing – Including Oil Sands, Britton Tar, Petrochemical, Fertilizer and the Explosive industries
  • Power Generation, Municipal Services and Waste Management Fly Ash, Water Treatment and Waste Disposal
  • Foundries & Steel Production Cooling, Water returns & Concentrated Abrasive Solids
  • NuclearSpecifically designed when high temperatures and contamination is present