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Cyclone Solids Separation Pumping System

  • Summary:

    The Cyclone Solid Separation Pump System is ideal to use in applications where fluids with solids need to be separated from the liquid. Different materials are used depending on whether the fluids that need to be pumped contained hardened solids or abrasive liquids.

  • Objective:
    To separate the solids that are contained in the fluids from the liquid
  • Operation:
    The fluids that contain solids are pumping using a Hippo Submersible Pump through a cyclone. In this process, the solids are separated from the liquid.
  • Application:
    It is suitable for use in any application where solids have to be removed from the liquid
  • Duty:
    The head and volume that needs to be pumped will determine the submersible pump size as well as the flow rate of the cyclone
  • Materials of construction:
    To enable the pump system to pump liquids containing hardened solids, high chrome castings are used. And for applications with corrosive liquids, duplex stainless steel is used as the standard material for the castings.